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New US REIT ETF will track FTSE NAREIT Equity REIT....

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    New US Treasury Bond ETF will track Citi fixed income index

    Growing global demand for access to ETF products

    c.$562 billion ETF AuM linked to FTSE Russell indexes globally

FTSE Russell, a global index, data and analytics provider, announces that Blackrock Japan has listed two new exchange traded funds on Tokyo Stock Exchange, tracking FTSE Russell indexes. The iShares US REIT ETF will track the FTSE NAREIT Equity REITs (TTM JPY) Index while the iShares Core 7-10 Year US Treasury Bond ETF will track the Citi US Treasury 7-10 Year Select Index. The ETFs from Blackrock Japan are the first Tokyo-listed products to be tracking these FTSE Russell owned indexes.

Evan Ong, Managing Director, Asia ETP and listed derivatives strategy and business development, FTSE Russell, said: 

“We are delighted that Blackrock Japan has chosen to licence FTSE Russell indexes for their new ETFs. FTSE Russell works closely with a number of firms in the Asia region offering a comprehensive range of fixed income, equity and REIT indexes to meet the needs of our customers”.

FTSE Russell completed the acquisition of Citi Fixed Income Indices and The Yield Book in August this year, enhancing its ability to provide customers with broader multi-asset capabilities and a deeper data and analytics offering.