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CANADA 12First Asset DEX 1-5 Year Laddered Government Strip Bond Index ETF (the “ETF”) - An application has been granted for the original listing in the Industrial category of 450,000 common units (the “Common Units”) and 50,000 advisor class units (the “Advisor Class Units”) of the ETF (collectively, the “Units”), all of which will be issued and outstanding, upon the completion of an initial public offering.....

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Listing of the Units will become effective at 5:01 p.m. on Monday, June 10, 2013 in anticipation of the offering closing prior to the opening of trading on Tuesday, June 11, 2013. The Units will be posted for trading at the opening on June 11, 2013.

The ETF is authorized to issue an unlimited number of redeemable, transferable Units of each of the Common Units and the Advisor Class Units, each of which represents an undivided interest in the net assets of the ETF. Units of the ETF are being offered for sale on a continuous basis and there is no maximum number of Units of the ETF that may be issued.

Registration of interests in, and transfers of, Units of the ETF will be made only through the book-entry only system of CDS Clearing and Depository Services Inc. (“CDS”). Units of the ETF must be purchased, transferred and surrendered for redemption only through a CDS Participant. Upon buying Units of the ETF, the owner will receive only the customary confirmation.

Additional information on the Units may be found in the final prospectus of the ETF dated May 30, 2013 (the “Prospectus”) which is available at Capitalized terms not otherwise defined below are as defined in the Prospectus.

Common Units

Stock Symbol:BXF
CUSIP: 31864B 10 5
Currency: CDN$

Advisor Class Units

Stock Symbol:BXF.A
CUSIP: 31864B 20 4
Currency: CDN$

Source: ETFWorld - TMX

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