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Barclays Bank PLC announced today the automatic redemption of the iPath® Short Enhanced MSCI Emerging Markets Index Exchange Traded Note (ticker: EMSA).....

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The ETNs are being redeemed as the result of an automatic termination event occurring on June 8, 2017, the automatic termination date. As described in the prospectus, an automatic termination event occurs when the intraday indicative note value of the ETNs on any trading day is equal to or less than the automatic termination level of $45.00. Details of the automatic termination event are below.

Automatic Termination Date:   June 8, 2017

Time of Automatic Termination Event: 9:10 pm EST

Automatic Termination Level:   $45.00

Holders of the ETNs on the automatic redemption date, which is the fifth business day following the automatic termination date, will receive a cash payment equal to the automatic redemption value. 

Automatic Redemption Date:    June 15, 2017

Automatic Redemption Value:  $45.00  


Source: ETFWorld

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